Upright rows are an incredibly effective trapezius and shoulder building exercise that allows you to really hit your traps hard and heavy and build an upper body that you can be proud of quickly and easily.

While there are a bunch of trap exercises that you can perform to add density and thickness to your trapezius, upright rows are hands down the most effective because they allow you to use a much heavier training weight than all of the other trap specific exercises.

A lot of guys have big strong shoulders, but wimpy traps.

If you’re one of them check out upright rows and work them into your next shoulder / trapezius workout and you should start to see some impressive results pretty quickly!

Muscles Used During Upright Rows

  • Target Body Part: Traps And Shoulders
  • Primary Muscles: Trapezius, Deltoid
  • Secondary Muscles: Posterior Deltoid, Brachialis, Brachioradialis

Starting Position: Stand with your feet spaced about shoulder width apart and grab a barbell with an overhand grip. (In order to space out your grip right – when your thumbs are extended they should touch each other at the tips.)

Upward Phase: Inhale and pull the barbell up until it is just below your chin. Focus on raising your elbows as high as possible during this phase of the exercise.

Downward Phase: Exhale and slowly lower the barbell back down to the starting position..

Special Instructions: A wider grip places most of the stress on your deltoids while a closer grip targets your trapezius.